Saturday, January 15, 2011

If I had just the oportunity to... 8 de Jun de 2010

Why, when we love, do we love the wrong person? Why do we hurt the one who loves us and later realise all the love he was giving to us?

Why can't we imagine the quantity of love that we need to spend a lifetime together?
Just answer, please, answer. Because one I've lost him, now, I can't live without him, I'm lost without him, because It's...
It's what he does to me! Because he said: tonight you look so pretty. Because he used to say without any reason: I love you. And, as dry as I was, with him, I didn't care. When we had to say goodbye, he said, goodbye my lover:the phrase that now is making me not to sleep, eat... anything.
It would be just wonderful to have this again, his love, his heart pushing mine, his lips onto mine, his eyes inside mine.
I hurted him, It's true, and when I tried to fix my error, It was too late and we couldn't get back.
Oh, if I had just the oportunity to..

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