Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Volví... y este tiempo ha dado para mucho.

So, I've  been away for such a long time. A month, and here I am again... 
In Cádiz they have stolen my heart again, fixed it, broken it when going away, I've met the best people, I have known something totally different but great again. I can only say: THANNNNNKKKK YOU! 


And well, after all, I have also been without you for 40 days, and I guess this has made us stronger (being +)! and you should know that I have really missed you a lot... by the way, I didn't realize it totally until I saw you here in Burgos with me again.
No matter what happens, don't forget I love you, even if I say I hate you, even if... anything. (fucking idiot, you make me sound like a retarded 6 year old girl xD)