Saturday, February 4, 2012

daddy's birthday

hey dad.
I thought that, as you don't want any present but my calmness, I could write something to you...
I'm sorry I am not what you expected me to be
I'm sorry I have an illness you can't understand
I'm sorry that you feel like nothing of what you do has an effect on me
I'm so fucking sorry that sometimes you think I don't love you
I'm sorry that you have to think that I don't take advantage of what I am and what I have
Somedays I'm just so damn sorry for being alive and I become so so so fucking self-destructive
I thank life for the parents I have... I didn't even have to do anything to get them
I swear I don't want to hurt you
I swear I don't want to make you worry
I swear I don't want you to get hurt... and I don't want you to feel powerless
I love you
I love you to infinity and beyond, and I hope that from now to a year things really CHANGE.
I'll be by your side until the end of time.
London Tube
Until the end of your-my time. 

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