Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Each time I see you crossing the door, my soul  gets instantly linked to yours
I simply can't deny how my skin shivers just for knowing I'm going to be so lucky I'll be listening to you for some whole hours
How your lips softly move to make my mind unconfortable,
How your eyes dig in everyone's hearts just for the sake of seing further
You and I know you do all of this to protect your miserable heart from breaking or misleading it to the tough roads of love & grief
Tell me, who hurt you?
I bet nobody but Miss Life did it
Those lips moving run after me in my thoughts, my subconscious stresses the fuck out of me thinking about your coal tone black hair
Your brutal indifference caresses my tortured & hot heart

Bye bye mental wealth

In fact, I'd be grateful if life gave me the oportunity just to know you
Sink into the maze of your thoughts
See your lips wet with coffee as you drink it
Smell a mixture of you, cheese and red wine
Seeing a bonfire reflected in your pupils
Just for that, I would be so grateful
Simply taking the chance to absorbe knowledge from the world from you
But, well
I ain't no liar
I've seen you expressing passion
What if that passion was poured into me...?

Let it be

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