Thursday, February 4, 2016


It's been a long time now for me
Knowing time is an abstract concept sponsors my patience
But well
The dreams are still there
The frustrating nightmares are too
I've overcome almost everything now.
Now I can say I'm healthy, I'm not crazy
I am still what they would name crazy... but not what I do
You would never know... you would never imagine
The thorns
The tough roads
Similar to yours
The music bands
The films
The endless nights
The rebellions
The corner where I used to lie
The wounds
The art pieces
Pieces of writing
Of painting
The coffees and the teas
You would never imagine
How many reasons I have to let it be,
and not turn my back,
even if your's already turnt


I know you imagine & know about the sparkle in the eyes
and I also know you know there's more to be told
the electricity

But you don't have an idea about my offerings

just a small room to feel safe, from time to time

Let me sink in the ocean now

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